About Us

Headlines for the Hopeful is a digital news service designed to spotlight the unique and innovative efforts put forth by individuals and organizations working to create a better future.

Our current media landscape focuses too heavily on crime, terror, and everything else that’s “wrong” with the world. We think it’s time to focus on what people are doing to help make it right.

Our generation is becoming increasingly concerned with the welfare of the planet and those who live on it, but it’s not always easy for us to track down the meaningful stories we want to share with our audience. That’s what inspired us to create a platform that brings these stories together in one place and gives people the ability to own the content itself.

Our belief is there is a strong demand for accurate information—free of religious affiliation and political partisan leaning—about the ways in which we can positively affect the lives of others and improve the welfare of our planet.

Hopefully, we’re right—please help us prove it.

Our Mission

To inform our audience about the innovative ways that people are addressing issues like poverty, climate change, hunger, human rights, healthcare, wildlife, and more.

To meet the strong demand for accurate information about hopeful activities and unique innovations and projects that can enhance our lives and the welfare of our planet and inform our individual decisions in
a positive way.

To create a trusted information resource reporting on positive and unique efforts underway by nonprofits, foundations, individuals, governments, and other organizations to secure a better future, creating awareness and stimulating engagement in order to make the world a better place.

To create a platform that brings these stories together in one place, helping subscribers create
a community for their audience with our original content, fill the need for potential vertical content, and drive consistent traffic to their own website and their own efforts.

Our Team

Helaina Hovitz | Co-Founder and Editorial Director

Helaina has spent her entire career finding ways to track down, create, edit and share meaningful and inspirational stories. When mainstream news outlets maintained that they simply “didn’t cover” stories about the impact various nonprofits, charities, businesses and individuals have on those they help, she decided to create her own. She previously held the positions of Editor in Chief and Managing Editor at two digital publications focusing on social good, and has written for the New York Times, Forbes, Salon, Teen Vogue, Newsday, Huffington Post, and others. She still has the unreasonable notion that she can help change the world.

Terry Turner | Senior Writer and Video Producer

Terry is an award-winning documentary and on-air news producer with decades of journalism experience in the realm of print, web television and radio. He managed news content for the #1-rated website in the Defense Department, created a YouTube prototype for the Pentagon Channel that resulted in nearly 1 million downloads, and co-created and produced the Emmy-winning “Command Performance,” a weekly multi-platform music interview program featuring A-list artists that reached #1 on iTunes’ Top 25 Podcasts for Government & Organizations. Most recently, he has been writing positive news stories for 1.5 Million unique visitors per month at the Good News Network..

Linda Hernandez | Digital Director

Linda is Emmy Award-winning producer, on-air talent and communications strategist with 20 years of experience in visual storytelling and messaging in the government and private sector. Linda is responsible for the successful launch of several television series for the Defense Department’s Pentagon Channel, including fitness, cooking, sports, documentary, travel, health, news and magazine shows. She has managed productions for delivery to more than 35 million cable households in addition to a global military and Department of Defense audience. Linda has an extensive background in broadcast news as an on-air reporter, anchor, and host in a top 10 market.

Charlie Towne | Co-Founder

Charlie is a forty-year broadcast journalism veteran and Senior Vice President of the Towne Group, leading the company’s video and electronic media projects.

Editorial Policy

Headlines for the Hopeful is an objective and independent news source that is not affiliated with any religion, body of government, political party, or other institution.

All of our stories are meticulously fact-checked, honestly written, and accurately reported. Our reporters are required to disclose any potential conflict of interest that may arise in any given story, and do not accept any monetary compensation in exchange for coverage. Stories are chosen purely on their own merit after meeting our editorial criteria and standards. Our goal is solely to raise public awareness for the positive, impactful efforts currently underway to help create a brighter future for us all.

Sponsored Content

Headlines for the Hopeful also offers companies, organizations, nonprofits, and individuals the chance to partner with us for collaborative content creation opportunities. This content will always be clearly labeled as sponsored, and will align with the site’s core mission of telling the stories of people and organizations offering innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.