Full-Stack Developer

Hybrid Apps

Design & Photography

Short Films

Full-Stack Developer

After being immersed as a Network Administrator/Cisco Engineer for more than 10 years, I rejoined a rapidly growing marketing firm to unleash my creative talents over 3 years ago and have become extremely versatile in both front-end and back-end development. Recent work includes:

When an employer gives a developer and designer total freedom to redo the company website, we unleash more bells and whistles!

A brand new digital news service tapped this freelancer for a clean, modern and exciting new website.

An exciting corporate rebrand needed a fresh and clean website with a coordinated launch plan.

With an already impressive team of creatives. This group just needed a strong developer to turn their ideas into reality.

A young and burgeoning entrepreneur needed to upgrade her eCommerce solution from the constraints of Wix and give her brand a creative face lift.

Infusing a more modern and playful twist to a time-honored school for the gifted.

It was like a breath of fresh air developing this static site. Purely focusing on imagery and captivating headlines.

The initial design & and development of this blossoming beauty salon mostly remains as we look back on previous projects.

Hybrid App – Tuti TV

When solely tasked to develop a media streaming app with a rapid turn-around, I utilized Angular JS, Ionic and Cordova. Available on the App Store and Google Play!


Short Films

We work hard and we play hard. But with our busy lives, past films remained incomplete. To solve this, we now abide by these simple rules:

  • One day to shoot
  • One week to edit